About Us

Who are we?

Sonne is a property management company in Menorca. Our main area is the rental of tourist accommodations. Sonne is formed by a group of professionals specialized in different areas in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers by providing quality and completely personalized services.

What makes us different?

At Sonne we differ from other holiday rental companies by offering high-quality services and competitive prices. We work adapting us to each of our clients and properties’ needs. At Sonne we value the efficiency and doing well our work, aiming for a balance between discretion and proximity to the wishes of our customers, always respecting your privacy.

Why rely on Sonne?

At Sonne we are deeply convinced that a trusted and quality brand can only be achieved through hard effort, transparency, consistency and a strong commitment to your work. This reputation is not achieved by mere facts or temporary achievements; it must be earned through a continuous dedication to what you love. This non-conformity allows you to be better each passing day. This desire for constant improvement is what allows the reputation for quality and reliability of a company can endure over time, and this is also reflected in all the results. This attitude makes us fully commit that Sonne offers the highest quality in our services and to thus we give all the best to those who have relied on Sonne.

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